Fasting isn't the way for Loose Weight

ImageFasting days is a kind of detox diet.

Some people, who get used to it, can’t imagine themselves without weekly fasting days. You can’t imagine it. You think you’ll starve in some hours you spend without food. Cool it, the devil is not so black as he is painted. Fasting is primarily the act of unasked refraining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

A fast may be total or partial. Fasting for religious and spiritual reasons has been a part of human custom since pre-history. It is well-known as Fasting and Ramadan in religious traditions. All this traditions lay deep and not only a sacred tradition.

Fasting can be a very healthy thing for a human, even take care about children, starving is not good for them at all. Sometimes fasting is used in a nestitherapy form, to treat some skin diseases and neurotic involvement, even for cancer treatment.

Fasting days with a purpose to detox the body and loose weight, lie in drinking a lot of water or juice during a day or two. Make this days regularly once a week. Don’t try a nestitherapy (a long fasting period) being inexperienced it may lead to health problems.

ImageThe main benefit offered by fasting days, to those who are looking for a way to loose weight, is the speed of the process. Some people say, weight loss can be as high as three-to-four pounds per day. If you are juice fasting you are losing weight, because the juice can’t supply you enough calories. You may alternate juices with water fasting or intermit water and juice fasting to increase weight loss.

So when you are fasting there are two ways to do it: you absolutely abandon food and drink a lot of water or natural juices during a day; you eat some delicate food, for the most part plant food. Drink according to the needs of your body. Some people used to drink only 2-3 glasses of water per day. This water volume is not valid, even for a common day. During water fasting, digestion is not required, but you need a lot of water to make cleaning of from toxicoids.

Prefer distilled water and avoid water straight from the tap. Qualitative water has an ability to absorb and suspend large number of toxins, and to flush them from the body.

What about mineral water, it is not good enough because the inorganic minerals are difficult to be assimilated by the cells, they can’t work way through plasmalemmas. Distilled or well water is the best variant. Juices can give you more calories and more energy than water. Drinking less juice affords an opportunity for more intense detoxification, but gives less energy. Try to find your own appropriate variant, but take care, don’t force hand.

To Loose Weight, Is It a Problem?

ImageToday a flossy desire to loose weight seems to become an obsession. Do you want to loose weight? Do you? Really?

Are you sure you really need it and it won’t harm your heath? Talking is one thing, doing is another. Can you calculate your ideal weight? So let’s try together. Your ideal weight is your growth –110. But this can’t be equally operated on asthenics and hypersthenic persons. The improvement for normosthenic type is +5, for hypersthenics +10. 

It turns out that if you are an asthenic person, your ideal weight is your growth –110; normosthenic - your growth –105, hypersthenic - your growth –105. What do you think now? Are you still fat? Remember, the immoderate weight loss leads to health problems and may derange your constitution. 

A common misconception is to believe that to loose weight, is something like a military operation, is something that should be done only when truly necessary.

No, weight loss is not a one-time action, if things really get out of line, you should change your hobbits, thinking, life style. Otherwise it won’t benefit you at all. If you are looking for an appropriate diet with a thought to loose weight and return to your favorite cakes, oh, let it go! You lounge away your time! If you are going to loose weight and to become a man of slender make, start thinking as a man of slender make! A slim person doesn’t think about cakes to much, make no doubt about it. 

ImageSo to lose weight you needn’t to cut calories drastically. It is not useful for your body. When you cut back too hard on calories, the body goes into a conservation mode in which your metabolism switches to a slower pace. Thusness decreases your ability to lose weight. 

There is a common belief that only drastic diets work. For example, if you eat nothing but apples all day long for a week, you'll unavoidable lose weight. But in case you loose weight in this manner, you’ll be able to maintain the weight in a satisfactory state only if you eat nothing but apples for the rest of your life. 

The only way imaginable to take weight off, and keep it off, is cardinally alter your diet habits. But, keep in mind any cardinally alter starts with slow steps. Don’t torture yourself. Your brain often does not observe small changes, for example, the next time you go to a hamburger joint and order a burger, tell them to hold the cheese. This is minus100 calories. 

Don’t give up your favorite foods at once. Eat anything you want, but reduce doses. For example, red meat can readily be part of a healthy diet if you eat small portions once or twice a week. Abandon fry food, prefer stewed or boiled.