Very tasty diet for 7 days

ImageIt is very useful in summer when you can choose fresh fruits and vegetables easily.

Well, prepare those vegetables and fruits, which you like most of all, and eat them for the whole day – for breakfast, dinner, and supper. Here is the model pattern of the diet.

The first day is the vegetable day. For example, you’ve chosen cucumbers. You can eat them as much as you want, even 10 pounds during a day. But you need additional liquid for your organism. So, drink more mineral water in this day.

It is a fruit day. Choose apples, oranges or pears and divide them for 4-5 food intakes. Eat the main part of fruits for dinner. Also, you are permitted to drink the glass of kefir or yoghurt.

Today you should eat berries. It can be aromatic fresh strawberry, plum or gooseberry. Eat berries during the day and drink mineral or boiled water without limits.

In this day you prefer sour dairy produce. Choose kefir, yoghurt or sour clotted milk and sip slowly during the whole day. If you feel being hungry, eat some non-fat curds with sugar. The glass of kefir at night will be the best end of the day.

Vegetables again. It can be cabbage, potatoes (boiled), pumpkin or tomatoes. Eat only vegetables and drink mineral water.

Devote this day to any kind of berries, for example, cherries, apricots or peaches. Don’t forget to drink a glass of kefir at night.

It is the most difficult day in this diet. You have to drink only any fruit juice – apple, grape or orange all the time and nothing more. But when you look at yourself, you will be thankful for your patience!

Choose Right Hungry Day by Zodiac Sign

Last time one-day hunger has become very popular among people who want to lose weight. If you want to get maximum effect from a hungry day, look at recommendations of astrologers.

ImageAries and Scorpio, you’d better have a hungry day on Tuesday.
Taurus and Libra – on Friday.
Wednesday is better for Gemini and Virgo.
Stars gave Sunday for Leo’s hungry day.
Sagittarius and Pisces have the hungry day on Thursday. 
Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturday is the best day for your hunger.
Monday is for Cancer.

If you have a hungry day once a month, try to choose your “lucky” day on a new moon or full moon. You should have the hungry day in both periods and it will help you to understand what “moon” is right for you best of all.

Generally, stars recommend the universal (for any sign of Zodiac) hungry day. It is the 11th day of moon month, counting from new moon.