Autumn Diets for Weight Loss

Autumn is the time, when you need more positive impressions.Image

But often you see drizzling rain, fall of the leaves and gray sky around you. What can cheer your mood up? Of course, sight of outgoing weight. You should choose the special diet with many vitamins and microelements right now. Keep vitamin diet for a week and you’ll see the result.


  • Breakfast. The plate of non-fat curd, vegetable salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet pepper with vegetable oil, 1-2 pieces of black bread and green tea.
  • Second breakfast. 2 apples or oranges, 200g steamed cauliflower. 
  • Dinner. The plate of beet soup, boiled on vegetable bouillon, 200g boiled beef (turkey or chicken). For garnish – 5 tablespoons green peas and vegetable salad.
  • Lunch. A banana or non-fat yoghurt.
  • Supper. The plate of non-fat curd, 200g stewed vegetables (squashes, aubergines, cabbage), 2 pieces of black bread. 
  • Before sleep. A glass of non-fat kefir.

Berry diet.

In autumn, when we have the great variety of fresh berries, we need to add berries to our diet. We will lose weight thanking the gift of nature easily and effectively. And at the same time we have the opportunity to take a course of natural vitamins and useful matters.

ImageRecommended products for berry diet are berries, non-fat curds, non-fat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, green, vegetable soups, green and herbal teas. You should eat minimum 500 gram of fresh berries every day without fail. Keep the diet for the whole month until you can have fresh berries.

Breakfast – berries, muesli, green tea;

Second breakfast – fresh prepared berry juice;

Dinner – vegetable soup, non-fat meat with vegetables, fish;

Lunch – fresh berries;

Supper – vegetable salad and vegetables.

Juice Diet.

ImageFreshly prepared juices from seasonable vegetables and fruits are the best source of mineral matters and vitamins. Also it’s the best way to cleanse your body. And finally it’s tasty!

For the juice diet, you'll replace your food consumption for two days with fruit and vegetable juice. For example, you need to drink 600 ml. of fresh juice diluted with 200 ml. of water in four draughts a day. You should sip slowly. Drink various juices, mix fruit and vegetables juices, as you wish. Especially effective products for weight loss are carrot, spinach, oranges, grapefruits, cabbage, celery, apples. Also you can add some hips decoction.

You can keep juice diet once per 2-3 weeks. You’d better to do it in the weekend, when you will be able to make juice as soon as being hungry. When you don’t keep the diet, you should remember about fine qualities of juices. Drink a glass of any juice in 20 minutes before meal and sometimes replace supper by juice.

Diet “Traffic Lights”.

The idea of this diet is to eat only products of definite color 3 days a week. Traffic lights days can follow on end, but also can alternate with ordinary days.

For example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Traffic lights days, Tuesday and Thursday are ordinary days. It’s better to keep this diet for a month or more. Produce of Traffic lights days can be prepared by any way: bake, boil in the water or steam, roast on the vegetable oil or make the salad. In the other days you should eat as usual, keeping off the fried potatoes, bread, fast-food, chocolate, patties, sausages, mayonnaise and macaroni. 


The Red Day – eat only red produce. It can be tomatoes, red sweet pepper, red beet, red kidney bean, red apples, red cabbage, cranberries, strawberries and even red wine.

The Yellow Day – eat only produce of yellow color. They are yellow sweet pepper, any citrus fruits, carrot, yellow lentil, corn, turnip, pumpkin, yellow apples and pears, bananas. 

The Green Day – the time of green food: cucumbers, green sweet pepper, lettuce, broccoli, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, celery, leek, green peas, green apples, fresh green.


Vegetable Diet.Image

Summer and early autumn are the best seasons to make fresh vegetables as the basis of your diet. There is a wide choice of such diets. Today I begin a series of easy and effective diets for weight loss.

During vegetable diet you should eat 1,5 kg. of vegetables every day. Recommended products are fresh vegetables (carrot, squash, green haricot, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkin, potato, green), fresh fruits (apples), non-fat milk, yoghurt, kefir, curds, corn flakes or oaten flakes, rye or grain bread.

You can prepare vegetables by any way, except frying or roasting in the oil. Boil, stew, make grill, in the steamer, make various salads. This diet is meant for one month.