Avoiding breakfast isn't a better idea

ImageThink better, because breakfast is the most important part of the meal during the whole day.

There is the good alternative for people, who prefer to miss a breakfast. Most women spend morning time trying to make everything in time.

They take a shower, make hair-do every morning, clean  teeth, choose a fit suit. Maybe you like to sleep extra 15 minutes in the morning? Maybe you fight for slender waist? We don’t  know why, but we have less and less time for breakfast. The oftener you begin to miss morning meal, the less you need it.  Many women noticed that they can’t even think about food before 10 a. m. 

But organism begins to play mean joke with us. Depriving yourself of the breakfast, you shift it in the  condition of hunger.

So instead of beginning the process of metabolism (incineration of calories), organism slows it down to keep failing energy. Of course, you can not feel it right now, but in the definite moment, there will be problems with the level of sugar in the blood.

Experts advise trying smoothies as an alternative to breakfast for those people who haven’t enough time or who don’t want to eat. Smoothie is mixed cooled drink, made with fresh fruits and fruit juices, with adding ice, quick-frozen fruits or frozen yogurt. Everything you need to prepare it is blender and fruits. It is very easy to make the smoothie. You can take it with you at work.

Juice is the First Helper for Your Organism

ImageNothing can help our organism more than juices. Many problems in our organism can be resolved with regular use of different juices. It is stockroom for vitamins.

Every kind of juice has own special effects. What are they?

Apple juice is natural sedative mean. It is especially useful for people who have metabolic diseases. Plum juice helps people with gastric and enteric problems very well. Cherry juice is irreplaceable for people who want to lose weight. In this juice there are many active ferments, which set up the feeling of satiety. 

Pear juice helps to take slags out from organism and regulate the work of bowels. Lemon juice takes away mental and muscle tiredness. Tomato juice stimulates our memory very good. Peach and apricot juices have salutary effect on eyesight and work of heart.

If you drink these juices regularly your hair and nails begin to grow faster. And all of them are pleasant to drink, aren’t they?

Watermelon Diet

ImageMany women desire to weight loss without exhausting diets or hard exercises. Are you one of them?

Well, take a note of watermelon fasting. You have the chance to lose a couple of pounds eating watermelon one or two days a week. Eat half of the middle-sized watermelon or drink 1 glass of watermelon juice from three to five times a day. And you don't need to eat or drink something else, except boiling water.

Please, remember that watermelon is low-calorie diet, but rich in vitamins and microelements. It’s used for improving kidneys work, good for the liver, bile-excreting parts, and blood. Your skin will feel and look healthy too, as a result of these improvements.

But you should consult with your physician before utilizing this diet because watermelon diet has some restrictions.