Texans were thrown for a loop a few weeks ago when Winter Storm Uri blew through the state leaving many in dire situations. With power outages, frozen pipes, lack of clean water, it was a frightening time for many Texans. The storm may be over, but we still must pick up the pieces of the damage left behind. 但你不必一个人去做. 如果你在风暴过后发现自己需要援助, keep reading to find resources that can provide relief as soon as possible. 



  • If you sustained damage from snow and ice during Winter Storm Uri and you have insurance, 先联系你的保险公司,然后是联邦应急管理局. 
  • 如果你没有保险,申请联邦应急管理局的援助. FEMA will not be able to reimburse you for food lost due to power failure, 然而, 如果你拨打211, you can find out what community resources you have available. 



  • 申请索赔 
    1. Inspect the damage to your property – document, document, document!
      •  一定要拍下丢失或损坏的照片/视频.  
    2. 尽快联系你的保险公司.
    3. Your company will assign an adjuster to investigate the damage. 
    4. 找到一个承包商,尽快你可以得到估计. 
    5. 你要确保你保留了所有的收据.
  • 检查提示 
    1. 随时待命——许多人现在正在申请索赔, so you might have to be patient for an inspection appointment. 
    2. 与你的理算师一起检查损坏情况. Ask questions and be sure to show them all the damages.
    3. Provide all documentation to adjuster and report additional damage immediately.
    4. 文档的一切!
      • Make sure to take notes and keep your own record of damage estimates, receipts, etc. 
  • 估计和支付 
    1. You want to make sure you get a copy of estimates from your insurance company AND contractor. 
    2. 然后保险公司会给你付款, 然而 you will only be responsible for the deductible. 
    3. You also want to make sure you keep your mortgage company up to date on what is going on. It is possible that they may need to sign off on the check from your insurance company. 
    4. Make sure to ask your adjuster for any clarification you may need for the estimate, 付款, 扣除, 以及任何可能的折旧. 
  • 承包商建议 
    1. It might be worth getting a few contractors’ estimates for the repairs, the sooner the better. 
    2. If the contractor’s estimates are higher than what your insurance company estimates, 打电话给保险公司. 
  • 你索赔的问题? 
    1. You are required to notify your insurance company of any disputes – make sure you keep a record of this. 
    2. 联系你的理算师或保险公司
    3. 接触OPIC 
      • OPIC是公共保险顾问办公室. They are an independent agency established by the Texas legislature. 
    4. You can also file a complaint with the 德州保险局 
    5. 如果适用,你可以联系律师 
  • 额外的资源
    1. 德州保险局 
    2. OPIC



  • The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance for recovery for Winter Storm Uri is April 20, 2021. 
  • If you need immediate assistance, 关键需要帮助 from FEMA can be up to $500. 
  • 在你申请联邦应急管理局援助之前,请确保:
    • Take photos of your damaged home and belongings – make a list of all damaged items.
    • If you have insurance, first file a claim with your insurance company, then apply for FEMA 
      • FEMA can help you with needs that are not covered by your insurance or give you money while you wait for the insurance money, 然而, you will need to reimburse FEMA after receiving your insurance money. 
      • 联邦应急管理局不会支付你的免赔额. 
  • 你可以应用的方法 
  • 谁能申请? 
    • 美国公民
    • 非公民公民 
    • 合格的外国人也有资格 
  • 一旦你申请联邦应急管理局, 从现在开始,会有一场巡视员的访问, 所有视察员的访问都将以虚拟方式进行. 
  • 金融援助 from FEMA comes from Total Housing Assistance (HA) and Total Other Needs Assistance (ONA). As of now, the max benefit for a single-family is $34,000. 然而,这个数字在未来可能会改变. 
  • 联邦应急管理局还可以在以下方面提供帮助: 
    • 提供临时住房援助,
    • 提供租金援助,
    • 修复你的家,
      • FEMA can provide 房主 with a limited amount of help to make their residence safe, 卫生, 和功能. 
      • 有能力贷款的房主, can also get a 政府ernment-backed loan to fully repair their home. 
    • 把个人物品放回原处
    • 协助处理因灾害而发生的其他费用.
  • 额外的资源



  • 小企业管理局的灾难贷款适用于小企业, 非营利组织, 房主, and renters experiencing financial hardship due to a disaster.
    • SBA贷款, applicants DO NOT have to wait for their insurance claims to fully settle before applying. 
    • 你可以申请自然灾害贷款, 家庭和个人财产贷款, 和经济伤害灾难贷款. 
  • 对个人财产, 租房者和房主最多可以借到40美元,000美元用于修补或更换衣服, 家具, 汽车, 或在灾难中损坏或毁坏的电器. 
  • 房主, 你最多可以申请200美元,000 to repair or replace your primary residence to its pre-disaster condition. 
  • Because deadlines vary depending on the type of loan, apply IMMEDIATELY. You don’t need to wait to hear back on claims submitted to your insurance company before applying. 
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  • 因为冬季风暴Uri被宣布为灾难, the IRS is allowing an extension for filing 2020 Tax Returns until June 15th2021年,整个德克萨斯州. 此截止日期适用于: 
    • 2020年营业回报将于3月15日到期th 
    • 2020 individual and business returns normally due on April 15th 
    • The fourth quarter estimated tax 付款 due on April 15th 
    • The quarterly payroll and excise tax returns normally due on April 30th 2021年, 
    • Tax-exempt organizations, operating on a calendar-year basis, that have a 2020 return due on May 17th, 2021
    • 除了, penalties on payroll and excise tax deposits due on or after February 11, 2021, 在2月26日之前, 2021, will be abated if the tax deposits were made by February 26, 2021
  • 你还有到6月15日的时间th 为2020年爱尔兰共和军捐款. 
  • 伤亡损失 
    • Texas is a federally declared disaster area which means you can claim disaster-related casualty losses on your tax return for either this year (2021) or the prior year (2020). 
    • Individuals may deduct personal property losses that are NOT covered by insurance OR other reimbursements.
  • If you do not live in Texas, but were affected by this storm, you can check the 当前列表 的符合条件的地方.
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  • 对于我们的奥斯汀客户: 
    • Austin City Council approved $10 million in emergency bill relief, 立即生效, for customers experiencing financial difficulty because of Winter Storm Uri and COVID-19.
      • There will be reductions to residential water rates, effective until April 26th, to help mitigate high bills due to above normal water usage. 
      • You will be able to apply a one-time $10 credit on electricity bills issued after March 19th
      • Late fees will temporarily be suspended beginning February 12th 适用于所有住宅客户. 
    • 看看 austintexas.政府 了解更多.